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Joe Bailey, ’12

Name: Joe Bailey

Age: 23

Year in school: Senior

Hometown: Indianola, Iowa

Major and career goals: Strategic communication;  I want to own my own business before I'm 28.

Do your currently have a job? If so, where?
Yes. AgVenture Proline Genetics

Favorite food: Shrimp

Dream vacation spot: Fly fishing in New Zealand!

Guilty pleasure: Watching my favorite show, The Walking Dead

Relationship status: Working on a relationship with a classy lady.

Blonde or brunette: Blonde!!

Perfect first date: It involves a red rose, two fishing poles, and my Blake Shelton CD. 

Do you like when the girl makes the first move?
No. If they throw themselves at me, they’re not my type of lady.

What is the first thing you notice in a girl?
Her smile

Traits you look for in a girl?
Wants to explore the world, isn’t high maintenance, loves the outdoors, enjoys exercise, and is always up for an adventure. 

Life goal: I want to visit as many countries as possible, own a business, and get involved in competitive bass fishing.

A lover, dreamer and overachiver. 
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