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Jim Baumann or Jim Clinton

Don’t be fooled, Bees. Dr. Jim Baumann is no ordinary faculty member.

He has co-authored a book, owns two BMW’s, and taken selfies with the Clinton fam.

When you’re basically a Clinton, what more could you want out of life?

Campus Involvement: Associate Professor of Communication and Work-Study Manager in the Communication Department

Greatest Achievement: Earning his Ph.D.

Time spent at SAU: 8 years


Bowling Green State University (2009, Doctorate, Communication)

Indiana State University (2002, Masters, Communication)

University of Dubuque (2000, Bachelors, Computer/Information Science & Speech Communication)

In 10 years where do you see yourself: Living the dream here at St. Ambrose

Hobbies: I love BMW’s, the Chicago Bears, Formula 1 and IndyCar racing, hanging out with my family and friends, and following world events.


Now the important part, the Clinton’s


Why the support: I’ve supported the Clintons for the past 20 years.  Actually, my first vote for President was in 1996 for Bill Clinton.  I support Hillary’s positions on higher education, health care, gun control, the economy, national security, and climate change.  Her positions are grounded in reality, rather than some “pie in the sky” fantasy.  I remember her saying in a speech, “I’m not going to promise you things I can’t deliver on.”  Accordingly, I believe she can work effectively with both Democrats and Republicans can find common ground to solve the problems the country faces.  Any proposal will need bipartisan support, as Congress (at least the House) will be under Republican control after the election.



Which Clinton was your favorite to talk to: Well, I actually got to speak to Chelsea and Hillary.  Both were very nice, but I got to ask Chelsea some questions.  As for Bill, there were so many people at the event, it was quite difficult

Why do you think it is important for students to show interest and support for candidates, especially in the election year: I think it’s important for students to show interest in political candidates, as the President and members of Congress do influence the direction of the country for the next four to eight years.  It always fascinates me how people will complain about politics (regardless of ideology), but when you ask them if they voted, the typical answer is “no.”  Therefore, I always tell my classes “I don’t care who you vote for, just vote!”


My name is Kat and I chose to live the dream at St. Ambrose University.  During college I spent my time working, writing and enjoying time with friends.
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