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It’s Time for More Curly Hair Tutorials

Alright, listen up ladies! We live in a world dominated by tutorials all over the place! There are tutorials on how to contour your boobs, how to organize your fridge and even some on how to grow your own avocado tree for heaven sakes! But, one thing that we are missing is hair tutorials for curly haired girls. 


Now, I’m not talking about tutorials on how to curl your hair, because heavens knows we don’t need any help with that. But, what we do need help with is trying to figure out different ways to style our hair. 

We have like three options when it comes hair styles: down, ponytail, or in a bun. And that is it. There is no possible way we are getting our textured hair twirled around a headband in some fancy updo, and I even tried it once…needless to say I ripped about half of hair before getting the headband unstuck. Sure, there are different styling products that can make it easier on us, but there is nothing quite like our natural hair.

We aren’t asking for much, just a little something every once and a while to spark ideas. Something simple that will make us look as effortless as Beyonce without having to straighten our hair or take out a loan on products to tame our hair.

So thank you in advance for stepping up and helping curly girls all around the world feel more confident about the beautiful curls we were blessed with from birth. 

Sincerely, all curly girls. 

Hi, my name is MacKenzie, but all my friends call me Mac. I am a sophomore here at SAU where I play softball, President of BeeMedia, Events Editor for HerCampus SAU, a pro-Netflix watcher, and slowly trying to become Oliva Pope.  
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