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How To Find Music To Add To Your Playlist

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As somebody who is a musician, one of my hobbies includes finding new music. Whether it is soundtracks from movies or what I hear over the intercoms at public places, I am always finding new music to listen to. In this article, I am going to give you a few tips on how to find new music to listen to that you may not be familiar with.

Pay attention to music in movies and/or TV shows

In my opinion, I think the best part of movies are the soundtracks. When I am talking about soundtracks, I am not specifically talking about arranged compositions like in Star Wars or Star Trek. I am talking more about the songs that are featured in them, like Twilight or American Horror Story. I do love a good classical soundtrack, but I also like to find songs that may not be familiar to me as they do not overplay these kinds of songs on the radio.

Download the app Shazam

This is one of my favorite strategies to use. The app is free and is very helpful to find music with. I use this app when I am in a public place like a restaurant or a store. Whenever I hear a song that I become interested in, I pull up the app and have it determine the song’s name. Some places where they play different music that may not be found on the radio are Panera and Applebee’s.

Download apps like iHeartRadio or Pandora

I used to love these apps when I was younger. In the app, there are multiple radio stations and stations that are based on artists’ that you listen to.

Find Tik Tok audios

Since Tik Tok is used by many, there are different kinds of tastes in music. One part of TikTok where they have good music is the POV Tik Tok. Even though they might be a bit cringe, they still have good music choices.
#5. Look at Spotify playlists: I have been able to find so many playlists that are compiled of many music genres. For example, I have been obsessed with the show American Horror Story since middle school. Recently, I found a playlist created with all of the songs featured in the fifth season of this show, and I have been listening to it nonstop.

I hope you use these tips and find some good tunes to jam out to!

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