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How To Survive An Ambrose Winter

How to survive an Ambrose Winter


Funny how they call it spring semester when the majority of it is covered in snow. Weather you’re from Iowa, the Chicagoland area, or over seas, surviving a winter when you’re in college is never an easy task. Fortunately for us at Ambrose, our campus is only a mile from one end to the next. Although we may not have to take a bus to class, there are still a few ways to make surviving the snow a little easier.

1.     Its cold, freezing actually, wear clothes.

            Don’t we all wish we could wear our cute new crop top out with our friends on the weekend and have our hair stay curled for more then an hour without getting windblown? Unfortunately, it’s just not going to happen when it’s -40 degrees and snowing (okay maybe not -40, but you get the idea). Skip the crop tops and go with a cute sweater, chunky scarf and a pop of lip color. I promise you’ll still have a good time with your friends and save yourself another winter cold.Pinterest Tip: Invest in a pair of fleece-lined tights. They give you some extra warmth against the cold and you can still not wear real pants.

2.     5 minutes could save your life.

            I know setting your alarm for 8:35 a.m. instead of 8:40 a.m. seems like the biggest struggle of your life, but doing so could save you an awkward moment or two. Take the extra few minutes to get your snow boots out of the closet and take the path instead of slushing your way through Timmerman field to class. Save the embarrassing moment of slipping on your rear end and getting a bruise the size of your anatomy textbook for another day.Pinterest Tip: Cut up a pool noodle to keep your boots upright and ready to go.

3.     Your dad was right.

            I hate admitting it as much as the next person, but dads have a weird way of predicting the slap-yourself-in-the-face moments. Follow his advice and take 20 minutes to make sure your car is filled with gas and scrapped off the night BEFORE your internship. It will save you your first “I’m stuck in the snow” excuse in the morning. You know you want to go get Whitey’s at 10 p.m. anyways (yes, it’s still acceptable even with snow on the ground).  Pinterest Tip: Fill a spray bottle with three parts vinegar to one part water and spray on your car windows at night to prevent frost.

4. Think like Elsa and let it go.

            I know spring break is around the corner and we all have to worry about getting beach bod ready because wearing your oversized crewneck isn’t acceptable when its 72 and sunny, but try not to let it stop you from enjoying yourself. If you skip the gym one night to binge watch “Friends” on Netflix and make some hot chocolate, it won’t kill you.Pinterest Tip: Melt Nutella and milk in the microwave to make the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had. Seriously.



Photo cred: GooglePinterest Tips: http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/30-foolproof-ways-to-get-through-this-wint…

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