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How to Plan Meals for Three College Students: On a Budget

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            This year my roommate and I were able to get into an apartment-style dorm which is great because this means we can actually cook. We also have another roommate, we came up with a who’s cooking supper today schedule that works for all of us. I cook on Mondays and Saturdays, Rachel cooks Tuesdays and Thursdays and then Madison cooks Wednesdays and Occasionally on Fridays. Sundays are more of a fend for yourself night or order in night.

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            Meal planning is not easy but we have enough stuff in our kitchen that we can grab to make something filling. Like Thursday Rachel didn’t know what to make, but I said well we have some ground beef in the freezer and a box of hamburger helper in the pantry. Quick easy and ready to go. Monday I made French Dip Italian Beef, I threw the roast in the crockpot at 8 am and put in the juice for it and turned it on low, nine hours later and it was ready to go. It sure was delicious might I add.  

            My other roommate Madison is busy with her class schedule and work, so she decided to order off Every Plate for three meals she got a great deal. This past Saturday we had Sticky White Rice Chicken and it was delicious on Wednesday we are having Chicken Fajitas and then Friday I am excited for the Carbonara Linguine. There are so many things we can cook to make.

            I have been planning to make a Biscuits and Gravy Casserole and I will be finally be making it this Saturday, it looks so good.

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            When it comes to planning meals that fit everyone’s tastes first thing we talked about was Allergies, one of my roommates has a Peanut Allergy, so we have nixed anything that has that in it. Second what are somethings we each refuse to eat, none of us like mushrooms, I was ecstatic, let me tell you! I have never liked them in my life so I was very happy none of us liked them.

            Every Plate is a great decision, because there is a discount for students!!! We're college students on a budget!

            Now because of Covid-19 and the unknown possibility that at any point we could be pushed into quarantine, we stocked our fridge and pantry pretty full just to be safe. From now on though we will be budgeting going for the cheaper things because food is expensive. Ways that you can budget is by going on Microsoft Excel they already have a format made so that you can plop in what you have for money and then go from there what you want to spend and it helps you budget.

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            Something that could help would be to get into couponing to save money on things such as razors, toothpaste, deodorant, things you need. Saving money on these items with coupons can help you have money to use towards your food budget. Apps like the Dollar General app can help you, there are also many other coupon apps, also check out your newspapers for fill-ins. Most big newspapers will have fill-ins, in their Sunday papers so check that out.


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