How to Make and Save $$$ as a Student

These are some ideas to not only generate an income, but also how you can save and avoid binge-spending.

1.) Maybe start off by getting a job


Everyone wants money but no one wants to work, that's how the saying goes, right? Make sure you're generating a steady and reliable income by finding a job! If you qualify for work-study at your campus, take advantage of it! Not everyone gets to qualify! Have a tight schedule or don't have transportation? Look for a temporary campus position! You can even do work-study and have a temporary campus job! 

2.) Keep track of your expenses and income


It's mundane, but if you sit down with your receipts, you'll see where the money is going! Do you eat out too often? Maybe you have a slight problem with buying makeup. Look at what your guilty purchases are head on!

3.) Meet a goal


What are you saving for? Are you making down payments on car and phone bills? Are you paying back your student loans to help lower interest rates? Define your necessary expenses and evaluate them. Then, make a goal to see how much you need to spend a month and how much should be saved! Also, budget so that you have some spare cash for those occasional impulse buys. It's not bad to spend your coin on those really cute shoes every once in awhile.

4.) Download the Mint app


There are many apps out there, choose one that works for you! We recommend the Mint app (not sponsored) because it allows you to see your cash flow and gives an option to save money! Take advantage of your savings account!

5.) Work on your Credit Score


Ah yes, a credit score. Now that we are ~almost~ adults, we need to have some type of credit score. Whether you have one by paying monthly bills or having a credit card, we recommend you get on this ASAP before you graduate from college.

6.) Take a gamble with the stock market


Investing in the stock market requires careful thought (and maybe luck). Consider watching the stock market and purchasing stock. "But only older people do this." Maybe, but why not get your foot in the door in your early twenties? Maybe don't go crazy with how much stock you purchase, but start off small and look for tactics.

7.) Start a small online business using Etsy


Folks, small businesses seem to be doing better than large companies. Sites like Etsy are accessible to a large group of people, and they are easy to use. Do you have a creative eye or know where to obtain cool vintage items? Etsy is the place for you.

8.) Sell unwanted items on Poshmark or Facebook


Consider watching Marie Kondo's series on Netflix and get rid of that old sweater you have not worn for several years. Apps like Poshmark make it easy for you to sell items you no longer want. Or, if you are skeptical of shipping packages, try using Facebook groups to sell items! Don't want a desk that you've had for awhile? Try posting a listing on Facebook! Here's another helpful tip, you don't need to always go out to the mall and buy new clothes. Poshmark has a ton of shoes and clothes! Sometimes there are even clothes that still have tags on them! Buying lower priced items will not only help get your fix of shopping, but it will save you more money over time.

9.) Donate CSL Plasma


This one may seem obscure, but hear us out. You can go to a plasma donation center and they will pay you for your plasma. You can go in weekly, too. It's not selling your kidney on the black market! CSL Plasma uses your plasma to help patients that are treated with plasma-derived products. 

10.) Consider moving off-campus


Not everyone's parents will be on board with this, but it is okay to live off-campus if on-campus housing is too expensive! Although the monthly rent may look scary to you, remember that you should have other roommates that can help split that cost. Sit down with the numbers, do a cost-benefit analysis, and decide which housing option will help lower your student loans.


Hopefully this article has helped or motivated you to save! It is difficult to live alone and have the freedom to spend your money, but if you manage it now, future-you will definitely thank you. Remember, none of this will work if you don't have self-discipline! Make sure you set limits for yourself!

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