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How to be Single in College

Single in college? Yeah, me too. I never considered dating anyone from my small farming town in Illinois, so coming to Davenport has opened my eyes to the possibility of having a lasting relationship. A new community with new people, however, can be stressful, especially in regards to relationships. Here are 5 tips on how I deal with being single during the college experience!


1. Focus on Yourself


College is a time for growth; whether you’re a freshman or an upperclassman, you’re constantly changing in your life and education. The freedom from your family and hometown gives you a chance to rediscover yourself as an individual. If you are looking for a relationship, you should definitely want to be the best version of yourself before you go through life with someone else. Treat yourself the way you want to treat your partner, and the way you want them to treat you.


2. Try Something New


When you are single, the only person you have to keep happy is yourself. If there is something you’ve always wanted for yourself - go for it! Try that new hair color, get a tattoo, visit a place you’ve always wanted to go, join a new club! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. College is all about discovering new things in the world! Enjoy being single so you know how to appreciate a relationship when you get one!


3. Meet New People


The friends you make in college will probably be the friends you have for the rest of your life, so go meet some! The people you meet in college come from all different walks of life, and have had so many of their own adventures. When you befriend people, it means you all can go on adventures together! Being single doesn’t mean you have to be lonely, it gives you the chance to meet all different kinds of people and enjoy life together!


4. Enjoy the Financial Freedom


I know no one really thinks of this, but when you’re single, you only have to worry about paying for yourself. No going halfsies or paying for two people, so enjoy it while you can! Explore the area you’re in and find some local businesses you’ll enjoy shopping at! Go see the movie you’ve been looking forward to, and feel free to invite your new friends along! We may all be broke college students, but there are ways to enjoy what little fun money you’ve saved up!


5. Don’t Lose Hope


 A lot of people (myself included) wish to be in a relationship one day. Of course, every now and then, relationships seem like a hopeless cause and you somehow manage to convince yourself you’ll be alone forever (and look like the above image). But, wait - There’s hope! College is full of people in similar situations, and odds are you’ll get along with at least one of them. Relationships take work and patience, but so does being single. Just remember to keep your head up and don’t be afraid to shoot your shot.

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