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House Crawl Outfit Ideas 2019

House crawl 2019 is set on Saturday, April 13. On this day, we celebrate our year hanging out with majority of St. Ambrose students. Every year, students invite other friends and family to join the fun. It’s important to celebrate safely and accordingly. Here are ideas of what to wear for you gals that love to look the part! 



  Stripped overalls 

No one ever knows if it will be hot or cold outside. These tailgate overalls are the perfect fit for house crawl. It’s not tight and constricting as wearing jeans. A simple tee and stripped suit is all you need. 


Heart sunnies 

We’ve got heart eyes for this look! Bringing back clout, but in a fun and girly way. Heart-eye sunglasses are a thing this year. You still get the same retro vibes as the oval whtie sunglasses that everyone had, this time you can stand out. 


Star dress 

This dress is from Wildfox but you can create this look by doing it yourself. Thirft or find a plain t-shirt dress. Then stamp or paint tiny white stars. If you find a cute romper or dress with straps, throw under a white tee to make it casual. 


Red denim jacket 

No need for bold stars and strips. A bold jacket will do. Pair it with a white or blue top and denim shorts, skirt, or jeans. 



Stripped denim skirt 

Nothing too crazy but this ties in with the event as well. A stripped denim skirt can be worn multiple times, even after house crawl. It’s worth the buy! 


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