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Grow Your Hair to Show You Care

Well, it’s November folks! The leaves are falling but the hair on guys’ heads and faces are not. Girls dread it, Moms hate it on picture day but for guys it’s almost as good as Christmas. That’s right, the one month out of the year that a guy can grow out his hair and beard—no matter how patchy, scratchy or creepy it looks— and their girlfriends, Mom and friends can’t say one word about it: No-Shave November.

It’s still early so while girls hope that No Shave November will start off with some sexy Zac Efron scruff, it usually looks like a high school flashback of mustaches and side burns coming in hot.

Weather you’re pro facial hair or hate the goat like chungle (chin jungle) that starts growing on your boyfriend’s face, it is important to remember the reason behind No-Shave November: cancer awareness.

Funds coordinated by The American Cancer Society, the goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. This non-for-profit organization hopes that the money one would usually use for shaving and grooming for a month would be donated to educate about cancer prevention, save lives and aid those fighting the battle.

So for all you guys out there—or ladies choosing to ditch the razor and grow out those legs— grow out your hair and give back by donating to the cause, checking out the awesome merchandise they have on their website (www.no-shave.org) or spreading the word with your shaggy progress on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use #LETITGROW —so glad they love Frozen puns as much as I do— and show off that stache.

Everyone knows someone who has had, fought, won or been affected by cancer, so don’t forget to let people know who you’re growing for!

Contact No-Shave: [email protected]


Twitter: @No_Shave

Instagram: @no_shave_november

Pinterest: @No-Shave November


Pictures provided by: www.no-shave.org

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