Group Costumes that are #SquadGhouls

Halloweekend is finally here! It’s the one time of the year you get to dress up and go out as someone totally different. You can take on a whole new personality and confidence with the right costume. The possibilities for the night are endless! Still looking for that perfect costume? I have some ideas for you and your ghouls that can be easily recreated with items you already own or from a quick trip to Walmart or the thrift store! Be creative!


Princesses Gone Wild

An edgy twist on classic tales. Each princess is guilty of something, use your imagination (or Pinterest) to find an accusation. Wear a dress you already have or find one you could wear after Halloween. Add some smudged make up to finish off the look!


Wizard of Oz

Follow the yellow brick road to a good time with this cute costume! Dorothy needs a white and blue checkered dress if you have one or can find one. If not, substitute for a white top and light blue skirt, and of course the statement red shoes. Obviously, all silver or gray for Tin Man. Scarecrow needs a flannel, jeans and boots; this costume could be finished off with some scarecrow makeup and a straw hat. The lion just needs a yellow or orange outfit topped off with some teased up hair for a mane. 


Social Butterflies

Are you a social media queen? Pick your favorite app and wear that color, print out the logo, attach it to your shirt, add some wings and boom; social butterfly.


Frat Boys

Channel your inner Brad and Chad. This is the perfect costume if you love to hate on frat boys; or hate to love them. Spend the whole night mocking their actions and probably offending any frat boy you know, have fun with it! It would be comfortable to wear too! Borrow some of your boo’s or guy friends clothes. 



This one is a classic. You can either all dress in attire from the same decade or each choose a different decade to represent. 


Mean Girls

This costume will look so fetch! You can look at pictures from the movie for some inspo or just wear your best pink outfit and carry a burn book. Make a fun girls night out of it by watching the movie before going out so you know all of the legendary quotes! 



Missing summer? Go as fresh fruit! These can be easily made from big t-shirts or dresses. Just paint on any characteristics if you want to and add a leafy headband on top! Which can be made from foam or construction paper.  


Three Blind Mice

“I’m a mouse, duh” All you need for this simple costume is an all black outfit, sunglasses, mouse ears, and a cane. 


Deck of Cards

Want excuse to wear a tiara? Dress as the queens of the deck to symbolize the queens that you are. All you need are some white t-shirts and some fabric paint. Add the tiara to finish off the look. 


Riverdale River Vixens

Is it your secret dream to be one of Cheryl's River Vixen's? Halloween is the perfect time to go for it! All you need is a black pair or booty shorts, a white and yellow baseball tee, tall white socks, and white sneakers. If you really want the full look, you could buy wigs!



Creep it Real, Witches xo 



All pictures taken from Pinterest