Green Tea Seed Relaxation Powers

Relaxation. A word many females wish to experience in their lives. The benefits of relaxation include lowered stress levels, happier behavior, and a peacefulness throughout the body. Receiving samples from companies, such as Innisfree, allows us to experience that relaxation that we so relish. As I started my time of relaxation, I turned on some soothing music to get more into the feel like I went to a spa.

Then I continued my journey with the “my real squeeze mask” that was infused with green tea from Innisfree. I followed the directions and put on a toner, I didn’t have any, so I used some lotion instead. As I let this sit on my face for 10-20 minutes, I laid down and closed my eyes, listening to the soft mellow music and really let myself relax for one of the first times this semester.

After I took the mask off, I moved on to the second phase of relaxation, the intensive hydrating serum with green tea seed. While rubbing this into my skin, I gradually felt more and more tension slipping away and relaxing my body further into a carefree state.

Following that, I moved to the third step from the welcome kit, the intensive hydrating eye cream with green tea seed.  I don’t think my eyelids, and under eye area has felt so soft before. When I was rubbing the cream in, it felt like all the tension that was pent up in my eye area was vanishing like dust and it felt amazing.

The fourth test product in the kit was an intensive hydrating cream with green tea seed for the entire face.  After rubbing this in, I don’t think my face has ever felt this soft and this tension free in a long time. I decided to look what these products would cost because I feel like they would be a good thing to have around for a time each week to just relax and not have to worry about school, money, and homework.

The green tea face mask unfortunately isn’t available online in the United States, however there are plenty of others on their website that range from $1.80 to $7 that I think would work just as well. The serum runs around $27 for an 80mL bottle. The eye cream is $24 for 30mL, and the face cream is $24 for 50mL. I honestly would buy all these products in a heartbeat because I love the way my skin feels, it’s silky smooth and has a nice resilient feel to it. It’s almost as if my face has awakened after being asleep for months. I would also recommend them to family and friend because of how amazing they’ve been to my skin. If I had to rate this product, it would receive a 10/10. 

If you're wanting to indulge in the sweet bliss of relaxation, head on over to It's a guarrentee for some stress relief.