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International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world.

Women continue to shatter the glass ceiling to break down the barriers.

Keep fighting for each other and for a better future for you, your mom, grandmother, aunt, daughter, friend, neighbor, co-worker, and those ladies you don’t even know.

Sisterhood is global — so support each other.

Rise up and make a change because women are awesome.


Here are some super cool ladies who are doing amazing things right now!

Astrid Silva — She is a Dreamer and also an advocate for all other DREAMERS and immigrant families in America.

Marley Dias — Marley is a Black-American activist and feminist. She launched a campaign called #1000BlackGirlBooks in November 2015, when she was in sixth grade.

Ai Jen Poo — She is an activist and the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance to promote rights for these workers in America.

Nadia Murad — She is a human rights activist from Iraq who fights to end and raise awareness about human trafifcking

Tarana Burke — She is a civil rights activist. She is known for being the first to use the phrase “Me Too” to raise awareness of sexual abuse and assault in society.

Emma Gonzalez — Following the tragic Parkland shooting, Emma and her fellow classmates stepped up and are now leading an incredible fight for gun control.



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