Five Summertime Necessities

Summer is right around the corner, make sure you are ready for the hot days with these five essentials.

1. Super cute totally awesome bag:

You won’t want to be caught dead without a summer bag to cram full of all your goodies. This will come in handing weather you are going to the pool or the beach, something cute to make the haul easier is always needed.  

One of my favorite places to find cute bags is Target! They always have the cutest merchandise and it is very affordable. In case you do not find anything there, don’t hesitate to try out Marshalls or T.J. Maxx for fashionable beach bags that are in style.

2. Sprits and spray sunscreen / tanning lotion will be your best friends on the hot days:

Skin cancer is no joke kids and you would be silly to not apply at least SPF 15 when going to bake in the sun all day. If skin cancer is not enough to scare you then maybe the thought of your skin turning to leather might be dramatic enough to get you to lather up. The key to sunscreen in reapplying it every so often. If you just apply it once you are still likely to get burnt, but I guess once is better than none.

Some of my favorite brands of sunscreen are Neutrogena, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic or Sun Bum. There are so many brands out there that you really can not go wrong with. When getting sunscreen, I really only get the ones that spray for my body and then I like to get a lotion one for my face. I believe the Neutrogena ones are the best for faces because they do not clog your pores and cause you to break out. Any of these brands can be found in lotions or spray and are at nearly any store that carries general merchandise.

3. Chapped lips are never in style:

Do not forgot to slip some Chapstick into your summer bag. One of my least favorite things is chapped or burnt lips, not only do they hurt super bad but they take forever to heal. I feel like this is the first thing you forget to grab and regret instantly when you feel your lips shriveling up.

A couple of my favorite brands to use are Burt’s Bees or EOS eggs, both are these come in different flavors and work really well. Just like most of the other products these two can be bought at nearly any store that sells general supplies.

4. Grab and go hair products:

The best things to have in the summer is dry shampoo, texturizing cream or spray and anti-humidity shine spray. You can have one or all of these, or anything that you can spray in your hair after a pool day and get those messy beach waves in seconds. Any product that will give your hair texture and volume will be beneficial.

My go-to summer hair line is anything my Not Your Mothers brand. These products never fail to give my hair the beachy hair look every is going for in the summer months. I get these products at Target or Ulta but can also be found elsewhere.

5. Most importantly savory treats:

This is one thing you will not want to forget when you are planning to lounge in the sun all day and not miss a minute of the rays. Popsicles, ice cream and cool treats are always very tasty, but wont last long in the summer heat. If you’re only like me just one treat won’t do so what I like to do in the summer is get creative and make a mix of sweet and salty flavors in a bowl and have it out with me all day long.

Some ingredients I love to throw together in a giant bowl are animal crackers, pretzels, m&ms, mini marshmallows, cereal and golf fish. In this I get a little bit of everything and never find myself hungry. The m&ms do tend to melt a little, but personally I think that makes then even better. You can feel free to use this recipe or create your own out of all your favorites, but just make sure you do not forget to place it in the bag before you head out.