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Five Crazy DIY Projects on Pinterest

Pinterest is a place where you can find incredible cupcake recipes, beautiful dresses, quotes that inspire and perfectly made DIY projects. If you’ve ever used Pinterest as a time killer…or just perused the site for a few minutes, you’ve likely seen a few odd things.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and so is functionality.

So for your entertainment, we’ve decided to find some of the most ridiculous DIY projects on Pinterest.


Dryer sheets


Really, you make your own dryer sheets out of coffee filters? Why would you really want to waste the filters? You can buy an entire box of dryer sheets for just a few bucks. And, you’ve got tons of choices as to what brand and scent you choose. This just seems like a waste of time.



Again, why would you want to make crackers? Crackers are essential to many different dishes…but certainly nothing to spend an entire day making. There are crazy cupcake recipes, delicious dinners and so many other recipes that you can spend time making. Why make crackers? Why?

Plant magnets


We’re all for being green…but this just might be a little extreme. What happens to these little magnetic plants when the fridge door is slammed too hard? What happens when you accidentally brush up against one in the middle of the night? They make pots for this sort of thing.

Footprint cow


It’s cute, right? And fun, too. But really, what are you going to do with it? And how hard would it be to get your print to turn out exactly like the one pictured? Just really can’t see a purpose for this one…unless you live on a dairy farm…

Liquid Soap


One more time…say it with me…“Why!?” I suppose you could make a case for this if you had sensitive skin…but really, you turn a bar of soap into shavings before you can even make the liquid soap. It just seems a little beyond the point. Buy the soap you like to use and get on with life. 

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