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“Are you really watching another movie?”….”Ummmm, hello Mom its called research!” What better reason to watch every movie and trailer out there than make sure my readers aren’t missing out on the ultimate movie experience!? I picked the best of the best from this month’s DVD releases, theater showings, and up and coming. So grab some popcorn and find your seat, here’s what I’m watching!

New Releases…

1. Peppermint

We’re used to Jennifer Garner as a church-going mother of 2, but I have to say she makes the assassin thing work.

2. A Simple Favor

Blake Lively in a pantsuit, enough said.

3. Night School

Kevin Hart plus Tiffany Haddish equals comedic genius.

4. Ralph Breaks the Internet

Out on DVD February 12th

The first movie to include every single Disney princess, count me in.

5. A Star is Born

Out on DVD February 19th

Okay, but I ship Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in real life.

6. Instant Family

Out on DVD February 19th

Cutest movie ever. The perfect family movie that will leave you with a happy heart.

In Theaters Now…

1. The Upside

A whole lot of laughter and a few tears, it’s a must-see. Kevin Hart does it again.

2. Second Act

All hail J-Lo, the Queen of Rom-Coms. I mean does she even age!

3. Miss Bala

Oh ya know just Gina Rodriguez being her bad*** self.

4. Aquaman

Jason Momoa as Aquaman, the superhero the world never knew we needed. *insert heart-eye emoji here*

5. A Dog’s Way Home

A cute puppy finding her way back home, what more could you want from a movie?

6. Escape Room

Do all the escape rooms you can before you see the movie because you might change your mind afterwards.

Coming Soon…

1. What Men Want

In Theaters February 8th

Pretty sure women are going to be lining up to see this one.

2. Isn’t It Romantic

In Theaters February 13th

Maybe if I go see the movie my life will magically become a romantic comedy..a girl can dream can’t she?!

3. Fighting With My Family

In Theaters February 14th

When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says it’s gonna be a good movie, it’s gonna be a good movie.


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