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1. Bell Sleeve 

It’s the new girly boho flow. You can look dressed up without having to try. Bell sleeve tops are much more fun to wear! 


2. Print Mini Skirt

We’re taking a twist on the basic denim or suede skirts. There are many different styles to rock this Fall. Textured woven skirts are perfect to keep you somewhat warm for the start of the season. You can find prints such as, plaid, checkered, gingham, stripes, etc. 


3. Trench Coat 

The long trench coat is super stylish. Whether you’re running quick errands or walking across campus to your next class, trench coats are easy to throw on. Don’t worry about it looking too nice for your outfit. Trench coats can work with even the most simplistic top and jeans. 




Belle Sleeve 1,

Print Mini Skirt 1, 2

Trench Coat 1, 2 


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