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Everything We Need to Know About Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce

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Calling all Swifties! This is quite possibly one of my FAVORITE potential boyfriends of Miss Taylor Allison Swift. Travis Kelce (Tight End for the Kansas City Chiefs) hasn’t shied away from his public displays of infatuation with our favorite blonde pop star. So here is a timeline of their entire “relationship.”

So when Taylor performed at Arrowhead Stadium back in July, Travis attended. He even made her a friendship bracelet with his phone number (cue the swoon over that Book BF move), but was unfortunately unable to give her said bracelet as she doesn’t really do a lot of meeting with fans pre or post show. Kelce even went on his podcast that he has with his brother Jason (Philadelphia Eagles Center) sharing his disappointment. After all of this went down, both brothers have been asked by ESPN broadcasters and other reporters for any comments they may have. Both have been extremely coy with this information, but that hasn’t stopped die-hard Swifties from sleuthing, and the daughters of Swifties asking their dad’s to ask questions for them (NFL on Prime Video on X).

Commentators during games have even resorted to using Taylor’s lyrics when describing Travis’ playing during games (Travis Kelce TD Week 2 of 2023 Season). But this (fairy)tale doesn’t end here. Kelce also encouraged Swift to come see him rock Arrowhead Stadium as he had already seen her do so. And on Sunday, September 24, 2023 we watched it all Begin Again. Swift was seen in TRAVIS’ SUITE alongside his mom, Donna Kelce, decked out in Chiefs gear. The two appeared to be laughing and having The Best Day. Travis even scored a touchdown and Swift was seen cheering extremely loud for him. At one point during the game, he even shot an “arrow” up toward his box for what we can only assume was for her. Post-game the two were seen leaving the stadium together, and riding off in Travis’ (Getaway)car. The two were also rumored to be out with plenty of Kelce’s teammates and their significant others until around one am.

So do you think we are in fact seeing a new relationship blooming? Or has it been under our noses this whole time? Let me know what you think!

Regardless, Taylor had a Blank Space and she’s writing Travis’ name.

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