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Everybody Leaves


On a rare shorts-and-tank run yesterday, I found myself stopping to take a picture (or pictures, rather), of this awesome yellow tree. Not becuase I have never seen a yellow tree, or because I was wheezing and needed an exercise break (okay, maybe that), but becuase I realized that we only have a week or so left of color. Which made me realize that this is my last fall at SAU, arguably one of the prettiest autumn campuses on the face of the planet.

Then I realized that I only have a few months left of Davenport and SAU altogether. And that everybody leaves, including the leaves, and that it’s called fall because everything is falling: temperatures, grades, bank account balances, motivation…….

I kid. Kind of.

It really did make me a little sad. So these photos were taken a little somberly, yes. But appreciatively. You are kinda nice sometimes, QCA. I’ll miss you.


**Bonus points if you can spot the little old lady who stared at me suspiciously whilst sweeping her leaves.

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