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Easter weekend in an egg shell


When you realize that going to a Cathiolic School has it’s perks…hellooooo four day weekend!

And you get home and your house is filled with bowls!! Bowls of candy, bowls of chex mix, bowls of pretzels…

And most importantly…bowls of chocoalte

Even if the weather isn’t 100% in Spring mode, it’s still an excuse to bust out the spring dresses and wedges

Even though your runway walk is a little out of practice after winter

When you watch your little cousins eat too much candy…

And you wonder how you did it back in the day

But after a few glasses of Easter wine (that’s a thing, right?) you forget all about it

When your mom makes you wear the Easter bunny costume again, you think you look like this…

When you actually look like this…

And the wine hasn’t helped the, being trapped in a costume, idea

And you’ve decided to never agree to it again because Easter Bunny costumes are actually the creepiest of all holiday animals

But they FINALLY bring out the desserts and the lamb cake

So you end your holiday weekend with the best part of coming home, food coma. 

Hey i'm Sam! SAU Senior. Chicago native. Self proclaimed pizza critic and Instagram guru. #GoBees
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