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Dorm Decorating Tips

Turn that Dorm from Drab to Fab this Fall



It’s been about a month since we all moved in to campus and that means that maybe our rooms are finally starting to look a little less like the prison blocks on OITNB and more like actually ROOM GOALS!



That being said, if you are someone struggling to turn your dorm into a masterpiece worth spending your time in or you are someone just looking for a few additional tips – this is for you!!!



Now hopefully you aren’t sleeping on the bare shiny blue mattress (shout out to those Cosgrove beds) and have some cute sheets and bedding!


But I highly recommend adding some throw pillows and blankets to add comfort and cuteness! Don’t go crazy…you only have a twin sized bed and the space fills up a lot faster than your full sized at home!



After the most important part of your room has been decked out, you need to turn that desk into sleek.


I recommend decorating the top shelves especially with cute, inexpensive decor. I bought all of mine from TJ MAXX (heaven), Target (heaven part 2) and a few other odds and ends shops. Think appealing, yet functional.



Get some jewelry boxes or little bowls and trays, maybe a candle holder (with of course one of those fake flickering candles that you can buy like 20 for $5 at Hobby Lobby).


I also highly recommend a lamp that way if you are in bed pushing through those last few chapters before class you don’t have to get out of bed after to turn those glorious classroom lights off across the room.



Down below deck out that desk with pictures, a fun pencil cup, a fashionable stapler, and whatever else you realize you may need! I also added a throw blanket to my desk chair to add some comfort and also match the rest of my bedding.



Now that your two whole pieces of real furniture are done, it’s time for the extras!



STRING LIGHTS ARE A MUST! They sell them everywhere because we are all suckers for them. If you really can’t find any, Menards has them up with their Christmas decorations for like five bucks. They can make these cinder block walls look somewhat less cold and harsh and if you are blessed and have real walls, then even better!!



More pictures also! Print out your faves from high school and now that you have been on campus a month you will probably have even more. Hang those up all over the walls! I had troubles with them not sticking (yay Cosgrove) so I got a frame with wires and bought some black tiny clothespins all at Hobby Lobby. Hung all those up with these weird velcro sticky tabs and it stays!



Along with the pictures get some cute art that compliments your other decorations and also just makes you happy and hopefully less stressed! Maybe get a special quote! Tapestries also make the room wayyyy more enjoyable!



Also, GET CURTAINS!!! They not only keep out the sunlight on those days you are blessed and don’t have class until 10:00 or 11:00, but they also just make a room so much cuter! That goes with rugs too! That way when you jump the ten feet down to the ground from your lofted bed, at least when you break your ankles, you have a soft, cute landing.



All I know is that if you follow these tips, your room will at least be cute and cozy while you cram in those three papers and six chapters of bio.






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