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Have you seen all of those super cute signs with fun quotes on them? Here’s an easy way to fake fancy calligraphy to complete all of your crafting needs without breaking the bank!

1. Practice writing the letters until you find a style that you like

This helps you learn what you like and don’t like for each letter, think of it as creating your own font!


2. Write the word in “cursive”

Unlike you learned in grade school, when you write in this style it’s okay to pick up your pen!


3. Thicken the downstrokes

The easiest way to do this is to think if your pen moves from the top to bottom, you thicken that section of the letter. It’s up to you to determine the thickness and style you want! 


4. Add Embellishments

This can be as simple as little swirls or curls off of letters. 


5. Write Away!

It takes practice to figure out what you like and I would suggest practicing in pencil until you figure it out.


Happy crafting!


All images by Kelsey Weatherford

Exercise Science Pole Vault & Saxophone Craft Enthusiast
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