The Day the Comics Died

On November 12th at the age of 95, we lost a very important superhero in our world: Stan Lee. He brought to life Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, the Hulk, Iron Man and Thor as well as some other characters like the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Creating a common world for his characters the way he did in the comics was no easy task. He developed a continuity between the different characters in order to give their stories a narrative flow that can be seen in movies like The Avengers. In addition to these complex characterizations, he will forever be remembered by some of his most famous quotes, one in particular being, “With great power comes great responsibility.” One of my favorite things he will be remembered for, however, are his highly anticipated and spontaneous cameos in the movies he helped develop.

Peek-A-Boo! Can you spot Stan Lee in these movie clips?


Iron Man When someone taps you on the shoulder and you look the wrong way:


The Incredible Hulk

I sure hope Mountain Dew never has this effect on me: and


Fantastic Four

What a warm welcoming! I wish he could deliver my mail for me:


X-Men Apocalypse

Similar to the look on my face when teachers say I have exams at the end of this week:  


Fun Fact: Stan Lee was able to use his superhero stories to address social issues. For example: the X-Men were representative of discrimination.


The Avengers

Oh, the irony. (find within the first 40 seconds):


Amazing Spider-Man

It’s okay Stan, we can all be a little oblivious sometimes!


Captain America: Winter Soldier

Come on, could anyone ever really fire this guy?


Guardians of the Galaxy 2

When your friends are ready to go but you’re just havin’ such a great time: and post credits of course


Fun Fact: Stan Lee defied the norm and chose for his characters to almost never wear a cape.


Avengers: Age of Ultron

He may be out of it, but he can still get out a muffled version of his catch phrase. What a trooper!


Amazing Spider-Man 2

How cool would it be to have Stan Lee at your graduation?!


Fun Fact: Stan Lee had a tendency to name his characters in alliterate patterns such as Peter Parker and Sue Storm in order to make it easier to remember their names.



I could listen to this guy tell stories all day, especially if Stan Lee is going to be in them!


Captain America: Civil War

When teachers try to take attendance at the beginning of the semester:


Doctor Strange

How I react when someone tells a joke that I don’t get. (about 45 seconds in)



Suit up!


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Classic old man move:


Fun Fact: What a lucky duck! Stan Lee is the only actor that got to be in every Marvel Cinematic Universe film.


Thor: Ragnarok

When all you asked for was a trim...


Ant-Man and The Wasp

It’s moments like these when you ask yourself, “Why me?”


Avengers: Infinity War

I wish my bus drivers in high school had been this cool!


Spider-Man 3

This one gives me goosebumps:  


Fun Fact: When closing fan mail or personal contributions, Stan Lee concluded his messages by using his trademark catchphrase, "'Nuff said."


Is this the end of Stan Lee cameos? Thankfully, it is not! It has been confirmed that he filmed his cameo for the next avengers movie already so we can still expect his guest appearances in that one and potentially a few more. *fingers crossed*


Thank you, Stan Lee, for living an excelsior kind of life, you will be missed.


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