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Now that spring is here, there are many date ideas to go on in Davenport! There are more things to do locally than some people may think!

1.) Chocolate Manor


This is NOT from Europe! This is right at a store called Chocolate Manor right by St. Ambrose! They have many delicacies, but my personal favorite is definitely their truffles. Check them out ASAP with your date!


2.) Vander Veer Botanical Gardens


This is walking distance from St. Ambrose! It’s free to get in, too. Go through the park and soon you’ll run into this building. They also sell plants, so if you wanted to spruce up your dorm and go on a date, this is a double win!


3.) Putnam Museum


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s a cool museum right by us. This would make for a nice, classy date!


4.) Freight House Farmers’ Market


This is such a cute farmers’ market. Now with spring around, there will be fresh crops! Everyone here is extremely kind. Try it out! It’s right on the river, which makes for a scenic walk after you’ve purchased your fresh basil!


5.) Central Standard Burgers, Beer, & Stuff


Central Standard makes these craft milkshakes and delicious looking food. This will wow your date if you come here! (unless they’re lactose or fun-intolerant)


6.) Village of East Davenport


This village is close by St. Ambrose. It gives you a small-town feel in a large-town area. There are cool, unique shops here, and there is a great ice cream place here! Make sure to check it out and explore Davenport!


7.) Sunderbruch Park Trail


There’s more than biking here! There are plenty of walking trails, but this image best captivates how green and beautiful it is here! Check it out once warmer weather comes!

Make sure to have fun on your date, regardless of where you go. Hopefully these will inspire you to go and check out some of the cool things there are right here in Davenport!



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