Cute & Affordable Halloween Costumes For Every College Girl

Struggling to find a Halloween costume this year? Or worried you don’t have enough time to find a costume? No worries hun, we have just the costume for you! Below are cute and affordable options you can pick and choose from that will best suit your style. Not only are these costumes fun but they are easy to put together! Most of these costumes can be found right in your dorm room closet. Will you be Sweet, Sassy, or Spooky this year? Up to you girl!


70s Girl 


Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah. Show em’ how we do it now! All you need is a tie-dye shirt, a pair of Hippie pants, a pair of wedges, circle sunglasses, and a cute accessory (like a flower headband) to pull off this look! 


Sandy from Grease

Tell me about it, stud. Turn into Sandy for a night with these select items. Leather pants, a black off-the-shoulder shirt, a black belt, a pair of red heels, and your favorite red lipstick will do the trick! This is the perfect costume to get the greasers chasin' after you Halloween night. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your Danny Zuko! 


Rosie the Riveter 


Tough girl alert! Show off your guns with this cute costume! And what’s not to love about Rosie the Riveter? A cute pair of jeans, some black boots, a cropped denim shirt, and a red and white polka dot headband will bring you right back to 1943. 


Dancing Girl Emoji 

If you and your bestie need a costume this might be the perfect look for the two of you. Nothing screams more fun than being an emoji... with your best friend! This costume is easy to put together: A black leotard, black shoes, and a cute accessory for your hair are all you need to create this adorable look! 



Thinking about being a cavewoman? Perfect, because Leopard is SO in this year! Take your favorite leopard shirt, dress, crop top, or skirt and become a cavewoman in seconds! All you need is leopard clothing and a “bone” hair accessory to tie the knot on this costume! Hint: Teasing up your hair and adding dark makeup to your face will really push the “WILD” effect on this one!


Devil Girl 

Bad meets evil with this costume! This outfit screams hot... literally! Take out your sexy red dress and pair it with your favorite black boots or even a pair of your red high heels! To complete this look make sure to add the necessities- Devil’s ears, tail, and pitchfork!  


Hippie CostumeSandy Costume,  Rosie the RiveterDancing girl emojiCavewoman, Devil Girl