Crowd Pleasing Couples Costumes

Once again, Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to pick out a costume! Rummaging through the racks of Party City and Walmart can be extremely overwhelming. It’s one thing when you’re picking one out for yourself, but when someone else is in the picture, it complicates everything. Just coming up with ideas to choose from in general is hard enough, but what makes it even harder is to agree on one together. For the couple that’s struggling to decide on a show stopping look, here are some ideas that will hopefully speed up the process:


1. Peter Pan & Wendy


2. Firefighter & Dalmation


3. Squints & Wendy Peffercorn (The Sandlot)


4. Han Solo & Leia (Star Wars)

5. Captain America and Black Widow


6. Curious George & The Man in the Yellow Hat


7. Sheldon Cooper & Amy Farrah Fowler

8. Sandy and Danny (Grease)

9. Belle and Gaston

10. Forrest Gump and Jenny


11. Harry Potter & the Golden Snitch


12. Buttercup & Wesley (Princess Bride)


13. Chick Magnet


14. Taco Bell


15. Safari Explorer & Leopard


16. Dr. Alan Grant & Dr. Ellie Sattler (Jurassic Park)


17. Marty McFly & Jennifer Parker (Back to the Future)


18. Bert & Mary Poppins


19. Hercules & Meg