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So I spent the last month of my summer watching an old show that I used to watch with my aunt as a child.  I decided to watch this old TV series. I know they recreated a newer version but I just can’t get into it. I really enjoy the show so I figured I share some of the summary and excitement with you. Let’s start with some characters and plot twists along with what this show is all about.  



  • The main characters are the sisters known as the charmed ones, very powerful witches. The first time it was created involved Prue, Piper & Phoebe. When it was recreated it involved Piper, Phoebe & Paige. The sister’s each had their own active powers along with their charmed one legacy. The oldest sister is Prue. She had the active power to move things with her mind. The next oldest sister is Piper. She has the active power to  adjust the speed of molecules like freezing things and when her power grew it gave her the ability to blow things up. The third sister is Phoebe she started with a non active power of premonition. When her powers grew she received an active power of levitation and later on received the ability to be an empath. The final and youngest sister is Paige and she joins them when the power of three is reconstituted. Paige is half witch and half whitelighter. She took over Prue’s active power of telekinesis but uses it by calling out for the object and moving her hand.  She can also orb but that is part of being a whitelighter.

  • The next set of important characters are Leo which is Piper’s husband. Wyatt and Chris are Leo’s and Piper’s children. Leo is a whitelighter but also was an Elder and Avatar at different points in the series. Wyatt is the first born of their children. Wyatt was special from the womb. He is part witch and part whitelighter. He as a baby was able to have a forceshield to protect himself but also was able to orb, & move things. Chris is their second born who is also part whitelighter and witch. Some more characters to fill you in on are the parents and those who raised the charmed ones. The mother of all four girls was Patty. There is a difference between the biological fathers. The oldest three have Victor a normal human as their dad but when Patty left he shortly did as well temporarily because he wasn’t able to handle all the magic. The youngest daughter Paige is the only one who is half whitelighter so she needed to have a whitelighter father. This whitelighter is known as Sam. The woman who raised the three oldest the girls call Grams. Her name is Penny and she raised the girls for most of their life and never told them about all of their powers. 

  • Each of the sisters loved different people and sometimes it works out and other times it went bad. Let’s start with the oldest Prue. Prue loved and last a great love and long time friend Andy Trudeau. Piper loved and ended up with Leo. Phoebe had a great love and lost his human name was Cole. Cole was half human and half demon. His demonic self was known as Belthazar. She loved a few humans named Jason, Leslie, & Dex but that didn’t work out. She also fell for Coop who happened to be cupid. Paige had a love and lost it to an avatar his name was Agent Kyle Brody. He was just a human with no powers or spells. After he died the elders turned him into a whitelighter because he helped save the world. She married a mortal named Henry.                                                    

  • Other characters that play an important role are Darryl, Billy & Christy. Darryl is a San Francisco Lieutenant. He has always been around to protect the sisters. Later on in the series towards the end two sisters come in known as Billy & Christy. Billy has the power of projection and Christy is a firestarter. They are a great power that goes against the power of three.                                                                                                   

  • In the world they know there are creatures that are good and bad. The good ones are fairies, leprechauns, elders, whitelighters and witches. The bad ones are the source, barbas, the Avatars, seer, The triad, darklighters, warlocks, shax, tempus, Zankou, titans, and the water demon. 

Throughout the series the sisters turn into several things. Each sister had their fair share of turning into creatures, demons, and animals. Prue had it easy and only turned into a siberian dog. The other sisters had it a little harder cause they turned into more things that were not as nice. Piper turned into a wendigo, a valkyrie, a goddess, the angel of death, & shakti an indian deity. Phoebe turned into some of the weirdest things. She turned into a mermaid, a banshee, 1950’s housewife and a genie. Paige never turned into much but the notable one is a vampire.                                                                                                             

There are several symbols in the series that we must take note of. The first one is the triquetra. This is the Halliwell family’s symbol. The next one is the power of three. The entire show revolves around this idea. The next symbol is not really a symbol but something the sisters depend on which is the Book of Shadows. The Book of shadows contains spells, information of good & evil beings. 

The Book of Shadows has a lot of information and spells but I am just going to share some of the most frequently used spells. These spells taught the girls things or how to vanquish demons. 

  • The Power of Three Spell: Here now the words of the witches. The secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of Gods are invoked here. The great work of magic is sought… In this night and in this hour...I call upon the ancient powers…

  • To Call upon our Ancestors: Prudence, Penelope, Patricia, Melinda, Astrid, Helena, Laura & Grace Halliwell Witches stand strong beside us and vanquish this evil from time & space. 

  • Power Exchange: What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine. Let our powers cross the line. I offer up my gift to share. Switch the powers through the air. 

The last thing I am going to spill is a few people who have died. There are several people who have died and they have made an impact on the lives of the sisters. 

  • Before Season 1: Patty Halliwell was killed by a water demon. Grams had a heart attack.

  • Season 1: Inspector Andy Trudeau was killed by inspector Rodriguez who was a demon and killed him with a ball of lightning.

  • Season 2: Sam Wilder electrocuted himself to save Prue but he was brought back to life again to return as a whitelighter.                                                                   

  • Season 3:

    • Prue Halliwell - Blasted through a wall by Shax with an energy ball

  • Season 4:

    • Cole Turner/Source Cole - Vanquished by Piper, Phoebe, and Paige with a magic spell invoking the power of their ancestors. The Source's essence lived on inside the Source's Heir. On death Cole's two halves separated and went to the Demonic Wasteland; the demon Cole that was the Source became disembodied and was consumed by the Beast, while the human Cole retained physical form and came back to life by absorbing essence of vanquished demons.

  • Season 5

    • Cole Turner - Vanquished by Phoebe with the Belthazor Vanquishing Potion.

  • Season 6:

    • Gideon - Electrocuted by Leo with his power for killing Chris, to prevent Wyatt from turning evil, and to perform the Great Evil necessary to restore balance.

  • Season 7:

    • Agent Brody: Killed by an avatar. Helped save the world so he became a whitelighter. 

  • Season 8:

    • The Source of All Evil - Vanquished when Piper blew up the female Possessor Demon, as she was the one who resurrected him

    • Christy Jenkins - Shot a fireball at Billie, who telekinetically reflected it back at her. (Note: Past Christy presumably vanished when time caught up with itself) 


The overall theme of this show is that the sisters are killing demons and warlocks that are after them, their family and beings that are good. They have vanquished every demon that has gone up against them and though they have lost people along the way those people will never be forgotten.

Hi, I am an Early Childhood Education Major with an endorsement in Special Education and a minor in Music. I play several instruments and sing. I was born in Florida. I also coach a softball team in my Hometown in Illinois. I am my chapter Campus Correspondent!
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