Campus Cutie: Jacob Hunt

J Hunt.jpg


Name: Jacob Hunt

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Princeton, IL

Intended Major: Computer Science

Dream Career: To not have to work

Relationship Status: Potential budding romance

Ideal Girl: Intelligent, funny, nice, attractive

Favorite Movie: O Brother, Where Art Thou

Hobbies: I really like video games, TV, hiking, camping (but sometimes can’t pitch a tent), my doggo

J Hunt 2.jpg

Fav Social Media: Snapchat (that’s the only one I have)

Fav Joke: Inappropriate jokes that are offensive to people

Fav Food: Mac & Cheese- specifically Kraft

Fav TV Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

On-Campus Activities: Vice president of a potential Uno Club

all photos courtesy of Jacob Hunt