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Campus Celeb: Catherine Bettag

She’s a choir singing, morale dancing, and internationally traveling SAU bee. And this week, she’s the Her Campus SAU Campus Celeb! Meet Ambrose senior, Catherine Bettag! 

Name: Catherine Bettag

Hometown: Maquoketa, IA

Year: Senior

Major: Secondary English Education

Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle ;)

Campus & Community Involvement: Everything! But really, I’m the Treasurer for SAAT, and Co-officer for Pros(e) Club, the Morale Captain Relations Chair for Dance Marathon, a Peer Assistant, I work in the Catich Art Gallery, and I am in Chamber Choir and University Chorale.

Favorite Color: Green!

Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption 

Favorite Book: Either Looking for Alaska by John Green or the entire Dark Tower Series by Stephen King!

Favorite Meal: Anything that’s free. #ImBroke 

Favorite Midnight Snack: Does wine count?

Favorite Music/Artist: I’m super into all that emo/alternative music from like 2007. That’ll always be my jam.

3 Words that Describe Catherine: Outgoing, Sarcastic, Busy 

Something that Most People Don’t Know About Catherine: My family traces back to a very dead King of Scotland!

Guilty Pleasure:  Currently watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It’s such a crappy show but I’m so addicted.


Perfect Date: I don’t need anything fancy. Nothing beats having good conversation, eating delicious food, and exploring somewhere new!

Hobbies: Watching Netflix, drinking wine, browsing Reddit, and reading!

Who is my role model?: My mom <3

If I could pack my bags and go anywhere, I would….Go back to London!

Favorite place in the QCA: I’m a huge fan of Target, but RozzTox is pretty cool too!

Dream Career: Being Superintendent of a school district!

If I could have any super power, what would it be and why?: Shape shifting! See a cute shirt? Bam! It fits! See a super cool pair of shoes? Bam! They fit. Want to dye your hair, but don’t know if you’d like it? Bam! It’s dyed – and Bam! It’s dyed back because it really didn’t work for you. Want to go as Harambe for Halloween? Bam! You’re Harambe. #RIP

Favorite place to eat: Buffalo Wild Wings for 60 cent boneless wings! But apparently that isn’t a thing anymore?

If you could be any celebrity, who would it be and why?: I would probably be Emma Watson because – for real – she’s amazing in literally every way.

Dream adventure: Backpacking through Europe! I’ve been to England and Ireland, and I’m about to go to Italy, but I would love to just spend like a month going anywhere I want to go!

Best thing to do for a girls night: Drink wine and go dancing!

Best memory at SAU so far: My favorite memory was Dance Marathon’s Big Event my freshman year (DM 2). It was my first Big Event at SAU, and everything was so moving. I heard our families’ stories for the first time, cut off all my hair, and spent 12 hours celebrating with people who had become my family. It was absolutely amazing!

Advice for freshmen: Leave your dorm room, meet new people, get involved, talk to your professors outside of class, and make some memories. These four years are going to fly by faster than you can believe – don’t waste them!


*All photos provided by Catherine

Hi my name is Vic(Tori)a. I enjoy eating endless amouts of potato chips and regretting it afterwards, shopping even when I can't afford it, and checking things off my to-do list.
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