Campus Celeb: Annah Scholl

Name: Annah Scholl


Hometown: Mendota, IL

Major: Nursing


Dream Job: To work as a Neonatal nurse somewhere in the south, because this cold weather is not fun!


Job you would be terrible at: Some sort of office job. I’d probably fall asleep at my desk.. Oops!


Favorite part about St. Ambrose: It’s a beautiful campus! When I first visited, that’s what caught my eye the most.

Favorite food in the cafeteria: Chicken Fried Rice


Relationship status: Single


What do you look for in a boy?: Good sense of humor for sure (take notes boys!)


Describe yourself in 3 words: Easy-going, Confident, and Goofy

One thing on your bucket list: I want to have a full course meal in Italy.


Favorite bee pun: It’s cold outside, so you better “bumble-up”!


Favorite professor: Neil Aschliman. He made me excited to go to anatomy class and that’s a hard thing to do as a teacher.


Spirit animal: Dolphin


Hidden talent: I can say the ABCs backwards really fast.


What makes you laugh the most: Twitter 



All photos courtesy of Annah Scholl.