Billboard's Women in Music

News I keep seeing all over my Insta feed is about Taylor Swift being named Billboard’s inaugural Woman of the Decade and Billie Eilish the Woman of the Year. My jaw drops just thinking of how amazing that feeling must be and how much of an honor it is. There are so many musicians and inspirational women in the world, and to make a big enough impact to stand out from the rest to be selected for these, that is truly something special.


So why do we love them? What makes us look up to them? Why were they selected? Well, I’ll run through a few ideas of why I think that’s the case:


Taylor is Gorgeous and Inspirational

When I was younger, reading Tiger Beat magazine or watching Taylor Swift YouTube music videos, I wanted to be her so badly. I wanted to be blonde, play guitar and date Joe Jonas; That seemed like the dream. Now that I’m older, she’s more of a role model than just someone I wish I could be. She’s the definition of musical success, especially as an inspirational woman. She paints a picture for fans of how to be a genuine person and give as much as you can, especially when you are blessed with more than others. She donates to charities and goes above and beyond for her fans regularly. She cares so much and is just so sweet to top it all off!



Billie is Different and Owns It

She has green hair and a hipster sense of style, but it totally works and continues to make her stand out from the crowd. I watched a video about how she writes her music and the way her brain is wired is truly a blessing. I don’t think there is, or ever will be, anyone else like her. She quickly became people's Strange Addiction and it all comes from her abstract mindset and dreams. She paints these images and ideas from her head onto a canvas through her lyrics in songs, beats for the music and visuals for the album artwork or music videos.



Taylor Has Always Been Relatable

When I was younger, all I thought about was how I was in marching band and wore sneakers, too, so that had to mean I was going to meet a boy next door like in You Belong With Me, right? Or how about after you thought you met that boy next door and went through a breakup… Time to listen to Trouble on repeat, am I right ladies?? The point of this is that Taylor has written songs for all types of people going through all types of situations which is truly phenomenal. She has reached so many audiences through her music and that is hard to do. No matter how young or old you are, Swifties always have their go-to songs to get them through life from their #1 hype woman!



Billie Pushes Boundaries

The first time I listened to Bad Guy I wasn’t super into it, but, at the same time, I couldn’t turn the radio off. I was just thinking “who is this chick and where did this come from?” One of my friends is a super fan for her so I figured I’d keep digging until I figured out the hype. The more I listened to her song, the more I couldn’t wrap my mind around the complexity of what she had created. That alone is musicianship in order to create something new and original when it seems like everything has already been done before.



Taylor Has Tried It All

She can never go Out of Style because she has music that fits every person. Country, pop, rock, you name it and she has something pretty similar to what you want. She’s never had any restrictions and has always done what she wants and what she feels is best for her. The “old” Taylor was dead, but the “new” Taylor is obviously killing it. Everyone grows and changes in life and she was confident enough to allow her fans to be a part of that growth. We’ve seen how far she’s come and it’s important for fans to see that so they can apply it to their own lives. It’s never too late to change and be the person you know you’re meant to be.



Billie is The Literal Edge of Seventeen

She is literally only 17 years old and has done more than most of us could imagine in our wildest dreams. She was born this decade, making her younger than most of us, and has already been nominated in all four major Grammy music categories for her song Bad Guy as well as her album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?


You Should See Them in a Crown, I mean receive their awards, during the Billboard Women in Music event, streamed live from the Hollywood Palladium on December 12th via starting at 9 p.m. ET!



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