The Best Money Saving TikTokers

TikTok may be filled with renegading 12 year old’s, POVs of seeing your soulmates name on your wrist when you turn 16, or “put a finger down” situations that only apply to one person, but I have also found some creators that can help save anyone some money! 

Here is just a few of my favorite creators that are kind on your wallet:



MY GIRL. Kayla is an extreme couponer, so many of her deals are coupon related and only last 24-48 hours. Some of her most recent posts include deals on Lululemon, Nike, Best Buy, etc. Three days ago she posted about her major savings at Fabletics. Her original total was $974.15 and she ended up paying $152.07… for a broke college girl that lives in leggings, this is INCREDIBLE. 



This is honestly my favorite money saving creator that I follow. That being said, this has not saved me any money because I keep buying things that I definitely do not need because they are SUCH good deals. I bought a little fob for my car keys that dings so that I don’t lose them because of her! It was originally $20 and I bought it for $6. Her most recent post is about a cute necklace for mother’s day that will make a great addition to any gift you have planned! Plus, for only five bucks, it is easy on the wallet!



This is another extreme couponer. She posts a tonnnn about deals on makeup. It is usually drug store, generic brand makeup, but that personally doesn’t bother me. I have not actually bought anything because of her specifically, but I still check her page frequently to see what deals she has found.



This is good for a craftier crowd, this girl likes to buy lots from Dollar General, Michaels, CVS, and other stores and usually finds a unique purpose for the things she purchases. I actually used her tips and was able get 50% off of a massive canvas that now hangs in my bedroom.



For everyone in the world who loves Amazon as much as me, this is the one you want to follow. Amazon is such a tempting site already so then when I get a 50% off code, it seems like I’m wasting money by NOT buying it (makes sense right?) 


Bonus: Some of my favorite money saving hashtags to find random posts about deals – #tiktoktips #clearance #sale #promocode #deals