Bee-autiful Accessories & Decor

As students at St. Ambrose University, we are known as the one and only, Fighting Bees! Not only is that a cool mascot, but it can also be a pretty cute one, too. I love buying bee things whenever I see them just to add extra pops of color in my dorm or to bling up my outfit to show some school spirit. What’s even better is when the things we buy also support the bees at the same time!


Bee populations have been on the decline for some time now, but it hasn’t necessarily been a trending topic until recently when I started seeing it on multiple forms of social media. Some easy things you can do to help save the bees include:

  1. Make a bee waterer

  2. Plant a bee flower garden

  3. Buy responsibly-produced honey

  4. Reduce/End pesticide use

  5. Turn your phone off or keep on standby when not in use


Bees are one of our most important pollinators, so if you are interested in learning more about the list above, click on the link here.


After reading that article, I’m inspired to try some of those things. Something that is even more appealing to me as a way to help save the bees is to go shopping! There are some websites out there that donate a portion of their proceeds to helping the bees while others are just a good way to spread awareness of saving the bees, while looking cute and repping your school.


Tees for Bees

I just found this one recently, but they have cute, retro clothing and other items that donate 10% of proceeds to Bee City to help save the bees! Link


Alex & Ani Bee Bangles - $20-$30

You can’t always find them on the Alex & Ani website, but there are other outlets for their jewelry line that you can order them from. They have the Queen Bee charm as well as just little bees, too! Link


Brighton Earrings - $25

Literally the cutest little things I own and I get so many compliments on them! Link

“Bee Yourself” Socks - $7

Who doesn’t want to look down at their feet to be reminded of how awesome they are :) Link


“Pandora” Matching Bracelet & Ring Set

Pandora can be a bit out of a college girl’s budget, so I went to Amazon to find the best deals! You can get pretty good look alikes for a honeycomb ring, bracelet and necklace and save tons!

Ring - $15 (instead of $65)


Bracelet - $20 (instead of $100)


Amazon Necklaces - $10-$25

When I’m looking for something, I always go straight to the Amazon search engine! There are so many options to count so I’m just going to let you browse on your own here!


Bee Scrunchies - $5

You can find these places online but also Dance Marathon sold them for a fundraiser in the Fall, so keep on the look-out for those in the future! Link

Khols Bangle Set - $15

I ran across this cute little set of bangles and couldn’t resist including them. Currently on sale - what a deal! Link



Places like Hobby Lobby, Etsy, Amazon, Target and Walmart are great places to go in search of some fun bee decor. Here are some cute ones that I found!


Hobby Lobby Wall Hanging - $12 (on sale for $7)

Etsy Vintage Frame - $25


Target Pillows - $15-$20


Walmart Mugs - $5-$15


Bee Coasters - $20

Happy Shopping, Bees! :)