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Unfortunately, we do not have a Lush store located in Davenport, Iowa. However, you can always make an online purchase and have it delivered. It can arrive to your mailbox, on campus in matter of no time, before Valentine’s Day comes around. This is the best gift to yourself or for a loved one! 

COLLEGE HACK: You might be thinking there’s no way you would buy a bath bomb to use, since bath tubs aren’t included in dorm rooms. If you are in much need of using a bath bomb or wanting to try one of the new ones, grab a large bucket! All you’ll really need is a bucket and warm water. Run water in the bucket and place the bath bomb while the water runs so that it can fizz up faster. You can soak your feet and hands for the best relaxation or mini spa day, in the convience of your own college dorm room. 


PEACHY – Bath Bomb 

Keep it peachy clean. Smells of grapefruit, fresh peach juice and sweet davana 


EGGPLANT – Bath Bomb

No need to send the emoji. Play it safe and send a bath bomb instead. Watch the water turn purple with hints of green and blue. Set the scene, with notes of fresh bergamot oil, ho wood and zippy litsea cubeba. 


EVE’S CHERRY – Lip Scrub

Revive your dry, dull lips. If you’ve never tried a lip scrub from Lush, you MUST order one now. It’s gentle with castor sugar, silky jojoba and shea butter. This is the best to use right before your night out or before bedtime. Eve’s Cherry has the taste and scent of cherry kernel, lime and buchu oils. 



Keeping this in your shower is a secret to soft refreshing skin. Think of this as a delicious strawberry milkshake topped with whip cream. American Dream has benzoin, softening carrageenan extract and herbal clary sage.​ 


LOVE TOKEN – Reusable Bubble Bar 

Bath bombs might not be the best option for college, but a reusable bubble bar is something you will treasure. This token is built with fresh gardenia extract, leaving you with a scent of comforting homemade cookies as evocative ginger lingers. 

How to use: Hold your reusable bubble bar under the tap as you run your bath. Splash the water around to create big, frothy bubbles. Let it dry out between uses.



Be Spring ready with this soap. Fresh strawberry, geranium and jasmine lifts you up for a clean start to the upcoming season. Every lather leaves moisturizing coconut oil, softening agar agar, silken tofu and creamy fair trade organic cocoa butter. 


LOVE BOAT – Bath Bomb 

Made with rose oil, let this bath bomb sink and wail white you relax on Valentine’s Day. The love for this bath bomb is unreal. Watch the pretty pastel colors disperse! 


LOVE ISLAND – Body Butter 

The scrubber uses sugar, sea salt and baking soda, making sure your skin is touchably soft. It’s made with refreshing lemongrass-jasmine perfume. 

How to use: Pinch off a small bit, add a little water and scrub gently all over the body onto wet skin then rinse clean and pat dry.


THE JOY OF SIX – Wrapped Gift 

This gift set includes 6 varieties of products you can easily gift to someone… or yourself. One of the most popular, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, is in this set. You also get the Eggplant, American Cream, Love Island, Six (Yellow and Pink) Bubble Bar, and Big Banana Massage Bar. 






All photos and gifs provided by Lush 


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