bareMinerals Overnight Powder Review

The bareMinerals “Pure Transformation Night Treatment” is on the DL. Ingrid Nilsen, a YouTuber, recommended this product in one of her favorites video. She made it seem like a magic powder. However, the price tag was not ideal for a college student.

    It retails at $60.00 at Sephora, and it is only available online. I was fortunate enough to get a $50 gift card for my birthday, so I definitely picked this product up.

    The product claims to “instantly diffuse visible imperfections, and reduces the appearance of pores and uneven texture while you sleep.” And I am here to say that this night treatment really does all of this.

    The first week I had this product, I washed my face, applied moisturizer, and then applied this product. A lot of my hyperpigmentation was gone, but I did not notice any reduction of the appearance of pores. However, as someone who struggles with acne, this product seemed to heal me.


The brush is incredibly soft, too! It does worry me that it will get dirty and cause me to break out, but you get your money’s worth when it comes to it.

    After the first week, the product did not perform that well. I would advise someone who splurged on this product to use it every other night, or at least break up the number of uses in a week. This product is fantastic and is worth $60, but it is incredibly expensive if someone doesn't have a gift card. If you have struggled with hyper pigmentation and think you should save money for a product to help, then I would highly suggest this one.

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