Attention Coffee Lovers!

I can’t fully expresso my love for these top 5 coffee shops! Do you live in the Quad Cities and live and breathe coffee as much as I do? Or maybe you're just a lover of the "coffee shop atmosphere." Well, you have stumbled across the right article, my friend! Here are some of my favorite coffee shops that I feel would make anyone frappé to be at! 


1. 392 Caffe

502 W 3rd St, Davenport, IA 52801

We all know 392 Caffe as “the place with the ‘Drink Better Coffee’ sign," amirite? 392 is known for its friendly service and modern coffee style. Their coffee isn’t the only modern thing about them, their cafe screams contemporary vibes! It’s every college student's dream hang out place. Check out this coffee shop for its unique coffee bean flavor and sleek environment! 


2. Milltown Coffee 

3800 River Dr #2, Moline, IL 61265

This cafe is known for its rustic and relaxing vibes as it outlooks the Mississippi River. You truly will fall in love with the inside of this place. There’s something about it that makes you feel at home; could it be the leather couches? The coffee is even served in mason jars, how cute! And let me tell ya, the taste of their coffee is irresistible. If you’re a coffee freak, this has to be on the top of your list of coffee shops to visit!


3. AWAKE Coffee

1430 4th Ave, Rock Island, IL 61201

Struggle to stay AWAKE in the morning? Well, this coffee will make you feel AWAKE in minutes, literally. AWAKE coffee is located in Rock Island, Illinois and boy is it the place to be! It recently opened in 2019 and has coffee enthusiasts excited! Its building is smaller but makes it easy for any local customer to come and go as they please. This coffee is known to have a strong flavor that will energize you right away! Bonus, AWAKE coffee also serves energy drinks, that I promise, taste as good as they look. 


4. RedBand Coffee 

329 E 4th St, Davenport, IA 52801

110 W 13th St, Davenport, IA 52803

RedBand Coffee, simply the place to be! Can we just talk about how adorable their downtown coffee shop is? Who doesn’t love ordering a coffee from a cute little house? Both locations in Davenport make it easy to find when strolling the town. Their New Orleans coffee is known as by far “the best!" As they say in New Orleans, you will certainly “pass a good time” at RedBand! 


5. Atomic 

4707 N Brady St, Davenport, IA 52806

3235 Ridge Point, Bettendorf, IA 52722

The trendsetter of energy drinks, Atomic. They’re what I like to call, the energizer bunny of coffee shops! They attract literally every single college and high school student in the QC! Not only are their energy drinks well known, so is their coffee! The coffee has real natural flavors that melt away in your mouth. Once you get your Atomic, make sure to snap a selfie and post it… that way we know it’s official!