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Aly Blech ’15

If you haven’t met Aly Blech yet, you’re totally missing out. This week’s SAU Campus Celebrity hails from the small town of Bellevue, Iowa and is hands down, one of the most hilarious people you will ever meet. Her wild stories and killer dance moves will have you laughing for days and if that doesn’t impress you, maybe some of these facts will.  

Aly is a junior here at Ambrose double majoring in Public Relations and Media Studies while also finishing dual minors in Art History and Journalism all before she graduates in May of 2015. Her schoolwork tends to keep her pretty busy, but when she’s not writing a ridiculous amount of papers, one can often find Aly at the gym or in the front row at Zumba. 

Aly’s dream job would be to work for the American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelity. She says she would love to work for the ASPCA because “they cover everything when it comes to endangered species to also what’s going on locally in our humane societies.”

When I asked her what she would like to do there, her answer was two-fold. “I’d want to help them think of campaigns to help get the animals adopted but I would also like to rehabilitate animals,” she said.

Because she hasn’t done the schooling for animal rehabilitation, she says realistically, she would like to design advertisements, do their writing, work on reaching out to the public, and fundraising. If you can’t tell already, Aly is a passionate animal lover and loves to tell stories about her two dogs and her fish, Lieni. She also spends time nearly every week volunteering at the local Humane Society as a dog walker. She says if she could, she would love to start a club at Ambrose that would focus on the Humane Society and animal welfare. 

Her biggest role model is a fellow animal rights advocate (and all around funny woman, just like Aly): Ellen Degeneres. She looks up to Ellen because “she’s classy. She’s okay with who she is and she’s been successful being herself. She is also a huge animal rights advocate, as well as a human rights advocate, you know, for things like gay marriage. She believes in people. But she’s classy about it. She’s down to earth and brings joy to everyone. She is just a good person.” 

The words of wisdom our Campus Celebrity lives by are “Mom’s always right!” she said with a laugh. “Because that’s legit!” Also, when she’s feeling down, she reminds herself that “someone always has it worse than I do.” 

A few other things you might not know about Aly…1. She loves elephants. Like, she’s completely obsessed with them. Her ultimate bucket list item is to visit the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee to touch, ride, and interact with the elephants there. And in case you were wondering, her favorites are the Indian elephants.2. She played classical piano for 15 years. 15!3. Lastly, her favorite thing to do is dance (just like her role model!).

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