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“Ignore. Not everything deserves attention. Because I don’t have time”.

This quote is something I know I have to reminded of a lot while in college working almost a full-time job (while also being an athlete). It is important for us to understand that in the moment our emotions may take over and cause us to react but in reality, we don’t need to. This has been a big factor in lowering my stress because I am no longer giving energy to things that don’t deserve it.

Think back to this quote the next time you are worrying about something or letting something/someone cause you stress.

Kayla Devine is a social media exec board member and helps run the TikTok page at HC @ SAU. Beyond HC, Kayla is involved in campus clubs like SAAT and Enactus. She also works at a bowling alley. Kayla is majoring in business management and marketing, with minors in communications and art history. In her free time, Kayla likes to bowl and cook. A fun fact about Kayla is that she is an only child.