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Blazing reds

Blinding pinks

And the occasion white

Sprinkled in between.

A season of love 

That’s what they say

But only for love

In a specific way.

This is what crosses my mind each February,

As the stores are stocked with hearts and candies.

I have nothing against it, that’s not my meaning.

It’s just that the pressure can be a bit overwhelming.

It’s a holiday expected to be shared with another

The one your heart belongs to, the one for forever.

A holiday spent with cuddles and kisses,

But what about those who don’t like that message?

And no, I’m not talking about those who are single,

Not the broken hearts or the ones trying to mingle.

I’m talking about those who love a little differently,

The aromantic type who love platonically.

Because we still love and some like to cuddle,

But it falls more to friends and family and others

Yes, it’s acknowledged you can love in that way,

But what about in terms of Valentine’s Day?

Because I know already what most would say,

“Sure it’s ok” that’s quickly followed by a cliché,

You know, the classic “one day, you’ll see

“Someone will come and go down on one knee”.

And it’s not that some of us don’t want a partner,

A permanent “plus 1” to spend time with together

Someone to live with and laugh with and love,

They just might not be what is traditionally heard of.

We probably won’t use terms like boyfriend or girlfriend,

And some of us may not use labels such as dating or friends.

And as for a queer platonic relationship, it will depend

On what those in that relationship want in the end.

And while this might seem odd to any of you

It is what makes us and our love true

Because at the end of the day that’s what’s important

That the love is true and you don’t need to force it.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating love

I just don’t want the pressure to hit like a flood

So please, do not force these traditional expectations

And consider for some there’s a different connection.

So, I guess in the end what I’m trying to say,

Is that I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

And just because my love is a little bit different

That does not make it any less significant.

Hi! I'm Mary and I am a junior majoring in Psychology going into Occupational Therapy. I am involved in D&D, Tabletop Gaming Club & PRISM. I typically write for fun or to get a message/idea out there.
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