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7 Thoughts We All Have Before Spring Break

It’s almost March and you know what that means! SB2k16 is just around the corner. For all of you Bees going somewhere sunny and warm for Spring Break, I’m sure you’ve all had these thoughts.

1. I just NEED that Victoria’s Secret Bikini. NEED. 

2. Shit, I am definitely not bikini-body ready.

3. Ugh, this means I have to go to the gym…

4. But I’m so busy! I’ll start tomorrow.

5. Can I have your notes? I’m too busy daydreaming how fab my IG is going to look after SB. 

6. I can’t wait to be soakin’ up the sun, surrounded by my best friends.

7. Oh, and the beach boys!

8. Waiting for Spring Break to happen like…

9. When you’re finally done with your last class.

7. Bye bye, textbooks. Helloooooo, margaritas!


We’re almost there, Bees! Before you know it, you’ll be killin’ SB2k16! Until then, happy daydreaming. 



All Gifs Courtesy of Giphy

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