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7 Budget-Friendly Things to do During Semester Break

Here are some fun and cheap things to do over semester break!

  1. Movie Marathon- Pick a couple of movies, heat up some microwaveable popcorn, load up those soft drinks and get comfy!
  2. Clean out your closet- Cleaning and clearing out your clothes can be quite therapeutic, as it offers a sense of accomplishment and we feel a bit more in control of our hectic lives.
  3. Go Ice-Skating- ice skating is a festive winter activity that never gets old
  4. Hang out with your family- Being in college means being away from family practically 24/7, so take some time to let the people supporting your college experience know that you care about them.
  5. Check out some Christmas lights- Many cities have awesome holiday festivals, including a trail of lights to walk or drive through, photo opportunities, and holiday-themed food from various vendors along the way
  6. Get back into an old hobby or find a new one- doing what you love can make your college winter break a great one.
  7. Bake Christmas cookies- gather some friends and get to baking!
I am a very shy person, but once I get to know you I am very outgoing. I like to make new friends and go out for coffee.
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