5 Ways to be Eco-Friendly on Campus

Use Your Laptop 

Ditch the notebooks as much as you can and just take notes online. By using Google docs, you won’t lose, rip, or forget bringing your notes to class and they are wherever you are. Of course, some classes it just is easier to use paper. That’s fine and that brings us to our next tip!


Learn what you can and can’t recycle in your area and take advantage of the bins all over campus. Encourage others to do so as well. Remember to rinse off products that can be recycled, but are dirty.

Get a Good Water Bottle 

Stop using the single use bottles as much as you can. TJ Maxx has stylish, high quality, BPA free bottles super cheap. Not only will using a bottle save you $$ in the long run, but it’s also healthier for your body. Plastic bottles tend to actually contain chemicals that can get into the water and then into your body, especially when it is warm out.

Skip on the Plastic Bags 

Invest in a few reusable bags for when you go shopping. Not only are these bags stylish, but they hold a lot more and don’t rip. It’s also much more convenient than having to bring old bags back to stores to recycle.

Eat Green 

By simply reducing animal products in your diet, you will be using significantly less resources. So much water and farm land goes into the production of dairy and meat that even cutting portion sizes down or going meat free twice a week will make a difference.