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5 Tips for Maintaining Long Distance Friendships

I don’t know about you, but the beginning of the school year is always really bittersweet for me.  While I’m always super excited to come back to Ambrose and reunite with all of my college friends, saying goodbye to my hometown friends is never easy. Here are a few ways that I keep my friendships going strong no matter how far away we are.


1. Facetime!

Texting is great and all, but there’s nothing quite like a long FaceTime call to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. I always try to make some free time in my schedule to allow myself time to catch up with my long distance friends.

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2. Schedule Visits

This one is a little tricky right now with everything that’s going on right now, but definitely schedule visits if possible! It’s always fun to see your different worlds collide and it creates the best memories!

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3. Keep them updated on things going on in your life!

Even though they aren’t around, my long distance friends always want to hear about things I have going on and I always love hearing about what’s going on in theirs! Not to mention long distance friends are the best at giving unbiased advice when you need it. Listening to them talk about their day and telling them about your day will make it feel like they aren't so far away.

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4. Send some good old snail mail!

Yeah we have cell phones and can talk to each other at any given moment, but there’s something so exciting about getting a postcard or a package from a long distance friend. It doesn’t even need to be something super big. I love sending my friends little notes or gifts just to show them that I’m thinking about them.

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5. Don't forget that distance makes the heart grow fonder!

I know that this saying typically applies to long distance relationships, but it definitely applies to friendships as well. Some of my best friends live hundreds of miles away from me and it can get hard to stay in touch at times. But the time we spend apart just makes whenever I get to see them in person again that much more exciting!

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