5 Tips to Get Through the Last 5 Weeks of the Semester

The end of the semester is near and that means a few things: more late night study sessions, double the normal amount of coffee consumption, and the possibility of lots and lots of tears. But, have no fear; I''m here to share five helpful tips that can (hopefully) get you through the last few weeks before we are set free for the summer!

#1. Plan, Organize, and Stay Ahead

With the warm weather approaching, it can be hard to stay focused on all the assignments, tests, and extracurricular activities. You and your planner will be in the greatest relationship you’ll ever have these next couple weeks. Read your syllabi to see what due dates are quickly approaching and get ahead while you can!

#2. Stay Healthy

Just because we’re all busy bee’s (pun intended) the next few weeks doesn’t mean we can ignore our normal sleep schedules and eating habits. Consider this as a piece of advice from your mom: stay healthy and take necessary breaks, your brain will need it!

#3. Find Your Spot In The Library

And do it fast!! The last month of the semester is so busy with group projects and it’s every man for himself when it comes to finding a good spot in the library. Get there early and you might be able to score the last group study room!

#4. Get Outside

Enjoy the weather that is ahead of us! We have plenty of opportunities to do this around the Quad Cities: go to a River Bandits game, go for a run around Vander Veer Park, or play sand volleyball on campus. Some fresh air and Vitamin D is essential during the late weeks of spring semester. One of the picnic tables around campus is my favorite place to study when it’s nice out!

#5. Have Some Fun

House Crawl and Last Blast are just a few weeks away! Don’t let school take over your life. Make sure you take a break from your assignments and have some fun with your friends!

**GIFs from GIPHY.com, image from pixabay.com