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5 Things You Can Do for Lent That Will Change Lives

If you are participating in Lent, you most likely have been doing it your entire life. Instead of giving up the same thing like sweets or social media, try doing something for 40 days that will better you and others.


1. Compliment two people per day. That is a total of 80 heart-warming words. You might not think it will matter, but getting called intelligent or beautiful can change someone’s day from dark to light.

2. Service Work. The extra help is always needed. Some examples are going to an animal shelter for 20 minutes a day, doing a service project every weekend or even picking up garbage on the way to class every day. Every little thing is always greatly appreciated.

3. Donate 40 things for 40 days. As you go home for Spring Break you will realize all of the items you do not need. Every day for 40 days, pick up something from your house, either at school or home, and donate one thing per day. Families all around the town will love and appreciate this act of kindness.

4.) Be more thankful. A great quote I heard one time was, “What would you do today, if tomorrow you would only have what you thanked for yesterday?”  Call your parents, your siblings, and your best friends and tell them how thankful you are for them.

5.) Do the Rice Bowl. We all have loose change, and most of us only want to keep quarters. Instead of throwing the dimes, nickels and pennies at the bottom of your purse or backpack, put them in the Rice Bowl. It goes to an amazing charity and will benefit you and others.


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