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The 5 Things We Learned from the 2012 Oscars

1.  Everyone Loves Octavia Spencer.

It’s official: everyone loves Octavia.  She has taken over this awards season, winning best supporting actress for her role as Minny Jackson in The Help at the Golden Globes, SAG awards, BAFTA, and now the coveted Oscars.  Turning a book into a successful and loveable movie is not easy task, but the cast and crew of The Help have shown that they were up for the task.  Octavia’s acceptance speech showed just how much she appreciated the honor, making all of us love her even more.  And to top it all off, her silver Tadashi Shoji gown was absolutely beautiful.

2.  The stars' dresses were just as fashionable as ever.

We all have our favorite picks from the red carpet at the Oscars, and this year did not disappoint.  From Michelle Williams to Rooney Mara, everyone brought her own unique style.  My personal favorite was Jessica Chastain and her Alexander McQueen gown.  But now it is time to see who is dubbed best and worst dressed, and cross our fingers that stores start to take those styles and hopefully make more affordable versions for us!

3.  We really should have started playing the Martin Scorsese drinking game during the show.
When Bridesmaids co-stars, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Melissa McCarthy introduced us all to the Martin Scorsese drinking game at the SAG awards this year, we laughed at their humor.  Turns out, it would have
been a pretty successful game to play while watching the Oscars this year (as long as you are of legal drinking age of course!).  Not only was Scorsese nominated for best director, but his film Hugo won 5 awards, including: Best Cinematography, Art Direction, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, and Visual Effects.  Although Scorsese was never on the stage, his team’s winners always mentioned their gratitude towards him during their speeches.  So it was no surprise when Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne brought the drinking game back while on stage.  We’ll have to remember the game for next year’s award shows.  Knowing Martin Scorsese, he’ll be nominated plenty of times again. 

4.  Meryl Streep is the queen of acting.

This was Meryl’s 17th Oscar nomination.  That alone shows that she is no ordinary actress.  Streep took home the Best Actress award Sunday night for her performance in The Iron Lady.  This was her third Oscar win; she won previously for her roles in Kramer vs. Kramer and Sophie’s Choice.  She is the kind of actress who is always in the running at the Academy Awards, and it is no shocker when she wins.  Streep even joked when she received her award on Sunday night,  “When they called my name, I had this feeling I could hear half of America going, ‘Oh no! Oh come on, why her? Again!”  To be honest, she had directly quoted me from two seconds before, but her comment made me realize that for being so successful, Streep is still humble and deserved the win.  We all love Meryl, and I’m sure she will be back to defend her title next year.

5.  We all need to see The Artist.

Perhaps you are all more cultured than I am, but I had never heard of The Artist until the award season started a few months ago.  Now I hear about this film non-stop, and it is on my list of my must-see movies.  Set in 1920s Hollywood, The Artist brings back old Hollywood glamour and the genre of the silent film.  Winner of five Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Original Score, Best Directing and Best Actor, it seems this silent film can do no wrong.  So go back in time and enjoy a movie with dancing, comedy, and the cutest dog I have ever seen.

Mary is a senior at St. Ambrose University majoring in English and journalism. She is originally from Naperville, IL and hopes to one day be back in Chicago. In the past Mary has interned for Sourcebooks, a publishing company in Naperville, and this past year she studied abroad in London and interned at Parliament. She hopes to one day be an editor in publishing at a magazine or at a publishing group like Penguin. Besides being the founding editor of Her Campus St. Ambrose, Mary is also a writing tutor at St. Ambrose. In her free time, she loves to travel, hang out with family and friends, and shop a little bit too much at Gap and J. Crew!
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