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5 Things To Get You in The Holiday Spirit

The holidays are right around the corner so here are some things to get you ready to be in a holidaze! 

1) Start saving money.

It’s already November so that means Christmas is on it’s way! It’s better to start saving money now for all the gifts you’re going to have to buy than stressing about it later.

2) Make a list.

Whether you’re making your Christmas list to give to your parents or a list of things you need to buy make sure it gets done. Don’t stress out later trying to figure out what you need when, you can save yourself the trouble and write it down.

3) Start making a plan for this holiday season.

It’s winter break after all and you’re gonna have all your friends and family with you. So might as well make this holiday season a blast and plan out some fun activities to do. For example go ice skating, build a snowman, go see the Christmas lights, and so much more! 

4) Decorate 

It’s never too early to start putting up a Christmas tree and lights up. Start getting into the holiday spirit and decorate outside your house, inside your house, in your dorm, everywhere.  


5) Christmas Movies and Music is a must

Turn on Mariah Carey and the Hallmark Channel to get you ready for the season. Hallmark has hundreds of Christmas movies that they are already airing and there’s also a bunch of Christmas playlists that are only a click away. 



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