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5 Reasons I Am Glad I Stopped Drinking Soda Everyday



You may be thinking that I’d have to be crazy to be a college student that doesn’t drink caffeine. Well, that’s where you would be a little misled. I used to drink, on average, 2 cans of soda a day, sometimes even pushing 3 a few days a week. This was easily becoming a poor and somewhat expensive habit to be falling into. My friends out there who drink coffee everyday, you know what this is like as well. In the past couple months, I have made a shift off of heavy pop consumption and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and here’s why!

Freedom from the Dependency

I did not like that I felt like I HAD to drink pop in order to have a productive day. I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t have enough energy if I didn’t have pop in the caf with my lunch and dinner, that I had to have pop whenever I ate certain things, like pizza and popcorn, and that if I wanted to stay alert at work I had to fill my water bottle with some Diet Pepsi. Changing how I thought about what I was drinking was a huge mental switch in a positive direction for me!

Drinking More Water

The first step I took was drinking water any time I craved soda. Sometimes it was for lack of energy, other times it was simply to be refreshed. Especially when that is the case, some nice ice water is much more refreshing than a Mountain Dew in the long run AND you’re supposed to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water anyway so… you better get drinking!

Finding a Healthier Source of Caffeine

My saving grace in order to make this process a success was by starting Yoli and drinking Passion. “This energy supplement features Thermo-G™, an exclusive ingredient that delivers energy, promotes endurance and stamina, improves mental alertness, and stimulates metabolic activity.” They have flavors that make me want to drink it to the point where I crave my Peach Mango Passion instead of a Dr. Pepper - I never thought I would see the day that I could go a week without drinking a soda!

Clearer Skin

My biggest perk of transitioning from pop to water and Passion is that my skin has cleared up like crazy! I used to view myself as quite the pepperoni face, and now, I barely even have to wash my face in order for it to have a natural glow. My skin has always been a constant stressor for myself, so to have this much consistent success is absolutly so exciting!

Saving Money

I was spending lots of money between cases of pop and skincare products. By switching my focus to simply eating better and using water and Passion as my energy sources, this in turn also cleansed my body from the inside out. You may find yourself spending anywhere from $5-$25 a week at starbucks and this expense could also be limited just by making some different drink choices throughout the month. Water is free, so I now only invest in my monthly Passion drinks as well as some of the other Yoli products which has helped me budget my money very well. Passion canisters come with 90 servings  which will last you about a month and it averages out to about 77 cents per drink - that's a lot cheaper than a $5 starbucks drink or a $3 bottle of soda. See how that works out to being a good budgeting strategy? 

I know that it can be scary to try something new, but it is even scarier to change your routine. Morning coffee or pop with meals may come naturally, but once you take the time to commit to a new life style, you'll be happy with your results and be pumped to share your success with your friends!

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