5 Items for a Cozy Dorm Room

While living in a college, the walls can seem bleak, boring, and very impersonal to you and your roommates. An easy way to fix that? Add some simple and cheap decor that can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside while the weather gets colder.

1. Cozy Blankets

Grab all the fleece you can at stores like Walmart, Target, or TJ Maxx. Most blankets can be found for under $10.  

2. String lights

Pick up a strand of string lights in your preferred color, grab some command hooks to hang, and you’re all set. The lights instantly add a warmth to your room at night, making it hard to want to leave.

3. Air Freshener

In college dorms, we aren’t allowed candles. Cheat around that by picking up warm scents like apple cinnamon for a Glade wall plug-in. This makes it smell like you have a candle burning, but without the fire hazard.

4. Pillows

The furniture supplied in a dorm is downright uncomfortable. Pick up some cheap pillows at Target or Marshall’s, and you’ve instantly updated that sagging couch to comfy.

5. Wall Art

Adding some paintings or posters instantly make your space more personal, leaving you wanting to curl up with your new blankets and pillows and enjoy your space. Pick up some cheap paintings or prints at a local store, or make your own. The possibilities are endless.




Image Credit: Blanket, Lights, Pillow, Wall Art