5 DIY Christmas Baskets

Are you having trouble finding gifts for you friends, and trying to keep it on a college friendly budget? Here are 5 gift baskets that are perfect for the gift giving season: 

1. Make-Up Basket 

This gift is perfect for your wannabe make-up artist bestie, this gift can be as cheap or luxurious as you want it to be! Ulta is currently have a 5 for $5 sale on smaller sized items, which is perfect for filling this basket! 


2. Chocolate Basket 

Everyone needs some emergency chocolate, this basket is especially perfect for your chocolate loving friend. This is easy, and cheap, everything can be found at target! 


3. Coffee Basket 

If you have a coffee loving friend, just throw in a coffee mug (here's a great marble DIY mug), some coffee beans or K-Cups, and some of their favorite sweet treats! 


4. Spa Night Basket 

Know a friend who needs to take a minute and relax? Well here's a great basket for them! Throw in a nail fail, bath salts (which can be DIY'd or bought), and a candle. 


5. Movie Night Basket 

This is perfect for your friend who's always up for a movie night! Throw in some pre-made popcorn, or their favorite microwavable popcorn, and some of their favorite movie theater candy. 



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